Successful school change demands vision, openness to change, alignment, capacity building, and systems thinking.

What is Systemic Change?
Systemic change offers an opportunity to enact change while moving beyond thinking about individuals and individual organizations, single problems and single solutions. It entails thinking about systems – policy systems, education systems, social service systems, information systems, technology systems.
Systemic change is a cyclical process in which the impact of change on all parts of the whole and their relationships to one another are taken into consideration. In the contexts of schools, it is not so much a detailed prescription for improving education as a
philosophy advocating reflecting, rethinking, and restructuring

Project Integrate
is a systemic professional program for South Dakota school administrators, technology leaders, and teachers intended to facilitate 21st century teaching, learning, and effective technology integration in the K-12 classroom. We aim to increase student achievement through this systemic approach to professional development.

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